Reading Lists (OPML) podcast: Danny Ayers and Adam Green

Last year Dave Winer started to push the idea of Reading Lists for RSS. More recently, the idea of Dynamic Reading Lists and Feed Grazing (or Grazing Lists / Glists) has been kicking around.

Its likely that Reading Lists support will become a common feature of Feed Readers / Aggregators.

I think this space is getting interesting, so does Joshua Porter. So we thought we'd invite two people who've been giving plenty of thought to this area, Danny Ayers (I can spell his surname correctly these days) and Adam Green to join us for a podcast on the topic (.mp3 43 mins, 11mb) .  We also  invite James Corbett, who's been doing a great deal with Readings Lists and Feed Grazing,  but unfortunately could not join us.

I've been following Danny Ayers' blog (Raw) for some time. Danny is a Semantic Web developer and technical author and co-author of Beginning RSS and ATOM Programming (which you'll find at practically every bookstore that has a Computers / Software section). We touched on the Semantic Web in the podcast.

Adam Green started programming in 1980, is co-founder and CTO at Andover.Net (later acquired by VA Linux in 2000 - hey Adam, buy me a beer...;-) and now a full time technical blogger at Darwinian Web. Thanks to Danny and Adam for their time today.

As usual, notes and links to related stuff below. Enjoy.

Reading Lists (OPML) podcast : Danny Ayers and Adam Green with Joshua Porter and Alex Barnett


(I didn't cut the bit at the end of the session as I got a chance to ask Danny about Italy and Derbyshire - these two places rarely mentioned in the same sentence so I thought I'd keep for posterity 😉


Update: Joshua has blogged it.


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  1. Great podcast, Alex and gang.  Your discussion was very relevant to things I’ve been thinking about recently.  I believe it was Adam who said grazing lists and reading lists are the same.  But I actually feel that feed grazing is more of an RSS thing while reading lists are OPML.  Since grazing is specifically about posts, it fits into RSS perfectly.  Of course you can have your reading list of grazing feeds.  The reading list is maintained by one or more editors, each grazing feed in the list is managed by one or more editors.

  2. DL says:

    Very engaging…Can’t wait for the Attention discussion.

  3. Excellent podcast – I really enjoyed this one.  One thing, though: Alex, your voice is quieter than the others, so I kept having to adjust the volume when you were speaking.

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks Nick, DL and James.

    Re: voice: You’re right, will fix for the next one.


    Here’s an OPMLish podcast for you, March 10, 2006

    "It’s all about the draft OPML 2.0 spec…

  6. The Communities Team have been busy developing an RSS (and Atom) based Feed Directory….

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