My bookmarks in my RSS feed

I've spliced my bookmarks into my Feedburner generated RSS feed.

If it annoys you, let me know.

It is set to publish only once a day (if I've bookmarked anything, that is) so shouldn't be spammy.

These are bookmarks I actually use but thought you might find them of interest too...

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  1. matt maier says:

    Not so much spamy as surprising to see all the updates to "Links for…" tonight. It’s a cool feature, please do elaborate.

  2. Alex,

    Very interesting idea, I would like to do this as well.  

    My bookmarks on my sidebar seem pretty popular but can’t be seen through my feed.

    <runs off to try it>



  3. Jack Vinson says:

    Yeah…  I’m not so thrilled with this, but it is easy to skip over.  I just want a reader that can automatically mark the "Links for" items as read.  (GreatReader does it.  BlogBridge is almost there.)

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks Jack. I’m listening out for gripes on this.


  5. Awful. Terrible. Very spammy. I sincerely hope you do not start a trend with this. I read blogs for their original ideas and writing, not for the links or blockquotes. More prose, less memetracker bait please.

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