Web 2.0 – fluff?

Fellow Web 2.0 Workgroup member Dion Hinchcliffe and two Microsoft architects Harry Pierson and Michael Platt have blogged about SPARK, a plannned series of high-level forums hosted by Microsoft on the topics of SOA, Software as a Service, Web 2.0, and Edge.

Michael's post describes an interesting moment that led to SPARK's initiation...

"I sat down and generated a powerpoint deck about Web 2.0 and SOA which I presented to the architecture strategy team in December and then to an internal audience of the Microsoft field architects in January at our internal tech briefing event. This [has] generated a ton of interest and acted as a big wakeup call around Web 2.0."

I know architects. I know some at Microsoft. They're not into fluff.

Expect to hear more...

Btw, here is a chart of the Technorati-tagged posts tagged 'Web 2.0' per day for the last 360 days:
 Technorati Chart


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  1. 2006 is turning into quite the year for the convergence of software architecture.  And not in a way that’s boring or obscure in the least.  If fact, what’s so compelling is that these changes turn out to be relevant to all of us in our dail

  2. Rod says:

    Eh.  It’s still fluff.  SOA’s been fluff for a couple of years, just like "Web Services", ".NET", "EJB", "XML", "Messaging", "Corba" et al before it.  Nice kind of idea, gets architects all excited, then they try and use it, and have to hack around all the crazy gumph and abstractions, and end up with the same level of effort and wheel-reinventions as Ye Olde Way.

    Yes, there are some improvements every time, but they’re small and unexciting — Nowhere near the world-changing OMFGTHISISAWESOME pronouncements.

    "Web 2.0"?  Well, it’s nice that companies are sharing more public APIs.  And AJAX is taking a lot of pain out of the clunky browser experience.  But is there anything here fundamentally different from 2000, where you could get CSV dumps and create "DHTML"?  Not particularly.

    (Regarding your graph — Wouldn’t it be fair to say that the members of the echo chamber who are shouting about Web 2.0 the most are in fact the majority of people who are actively tagging blog posts?)

  3. is MS inviting outsiders to SPARK? sounds v interesting -and that is what redmonk is all about

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