More on the Windows RSS Platform

Last week, the Microsoft RSS team published Windows RSS Platform API documentation - note: is draft - (known as the Microsoft Feed APIs) can find this at MSDN.

In today's post, program manager Walter VonKoch outlines how the Common Feed List, Download Engine (was 'Synchronization Engine') and Feed Store can be used to achieve developer aims and describes the three most common ways the team expects the platform to be used - ('Gold', 'Silver' and 'Bronze'). Walter explains:

"...there is not just ONE way to integrate with the RSS Platform, but there are several. We’ve designed the platform to support several different ways of integration. The integration that you (as a developer) choose depends on the requirements of your application, the existing code base and functionality of your application. Those factors determine if and how deeply you might want to integrate with the RSS Platform. There is no one-size-fits-all for any developer platform, and the RSS platform is no different."

In the meantime, Matt Dotson has been playing around with the RSS platform and created himself a podcast receiver - WinCast. He's got pointers to his source code.


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