My brand spanking new OPML blog

I've finally got my shiny new OPML blog up and running. It's powered using Dave Winer's OPML Editor.

Not much to see yet - it's rough, but it's ready...I've been meaning to get this sorted for ages but had fun and games on my rolling now.

One thing I can't work out is why the RSS feed the blog generates only has 'today's' items - I'm sure there is a setting somewhere...I can't find it...but I'll get there.

In the meantime, check out Kosso's thoughts on Listening Lists, a funk on the Reading Lists idea. I've posted a link to my first draft Listening List here (at my new OPML blog of couurse!).



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  1. netweb says:

    A quick question for you Alex, (Oh it got a little longer)

    Did you have to get Dave to set this up or was it all automated from the OPML Editor (Or I should say configured from)?

    I have posts in my editor going back around 6 weeks… 🙂

    I just cannot get to see them where I think they should be as per my username netweb (or stephen) at or stephen

    I havn’t asked for it to be turned or know if it needs to be turned on or just configured in the editor with the correct permissions.

    I changed my header graphic a while ago, just cannot view it 🙂

    I have a fair amount of stuff figured out within it, I can very easily post to WordPress, FlickrStream, Newsriver stuff. All works great just unsure about the hosting in regards to ‘Todays Outline’

    Cheers in advance,

    Stephen Edgar

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hi Edgar.

    In OPML Editor go: Community > Your OPML blog > Open today’s outline >

    In the window that opens there is a ‘Save’ button and ‘Build RSS’ button. Hit those then go to your opml url where you should see today’s OPML file published.

    This should work for ‘today’s outline’ but if you want to publish previous outlines then you should probably ask at:


  3. John Tropea says:


    Could you explain blogging from an OPML editor…how is an OPML blog different to any blog?

    Is it in the drafting posts, and the fact that your whole blog is available in an outline?

    In that case you could have an OPML URL for your whole blog, then I could browse your whole blog in OPML Surfer…or even put the OPML URL in OPod or Bitty Browser and have your whole blog on my blog sidebar.

    If your whole blog is first in an outline, shouldn’t you be able to have collapsable posts (ie. click on an arrow next to the title to reveal the abstract of a post, and even click another arrow to see the body of a post?…or even have a collapse/expand all link at the top of the blog.


  4. MSDNArchive says:


    Each day’s entry is an OPML file. The blog’s template is an opml file.

    I don’t think there is a ‘meta’ opml file pulling it all together though. Although creating one would be trivial as it provides an OPML creation / editing environment to do just that. So, I could seethe whole blog with something line OPML surfer or Bitty Browser.

    The diditing experience isn’t like a usual blogware etiting experience: there a UI for editing each days OPML file and there’s a local flder hoting a miror of everything that goes up on the server. in some espenct it’s similar, in others it’s different.

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