Go Seahawks!!!

er, when in Rome and all that...

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  1. William, our four year son, summed up the dire result.
    The good guys lose. The enemy wins.

  2. mike says:

    its funny the NFC won the pro bowl and through the whole year they said the AFC was the better league HAH!!! By the way the Seahawks should have won everyone around the world knows that…. not just in this country tons of ppl seen it and said something about the refs. O well Seahawks will be back next year thank you Seattle Seahawks

  3. CUBS SUCK says:

    What a crock of shit that the Squealers won.  I know its months later but it still annoys me.  I wanted the fans to start crying when the steelers lost especially with all the frickin momentum going for them.  Seattle shall seek revenge this coming season…and they will win…even if the refs are still wiping the steelers asses. Cubs Suck

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