How many feeds do you subscribe to?

How many RSS feeds do people subscribe to?  This is one of the questions Wolfgang Bartelme asked his blog (feed?) readers and he's got 86 responses so far.

As Chris points out the average seems number of feeds being subscribed to as reported within Wolfgang's comments seem to be in the 100-200 region. Compare this to the average of 6.6 feeds that the Yahoo research reported last year - "Aware RSS Users" subscribe to 6.6 feeds (btw, "Aware RSS users" are those than realize they are subscribing to RSS vs. those who subscribe but don't realize they are).

Another thing to note: a large proportion of Wolfgang's responses are OSX users.

Of course, the sample is small and clearly skewed (OSX users, blog commenters, "Aware RSS users", etc), but I hope Wolfgang collates the data and reports back - the data could throw more light on all the 'edge cases' debate.

So I'll ask you, how many feeds do you subscribe to?



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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    I have 51 feeds in RSS bandit.

    However Google allows you to cusomize its home page like I put some low frequency lesser important things in there. About 10 feeds there on the google home page. These include feeds like Netflix, which has individualized RSS feeds for monitoring your que and so on. Things I do not want to clutter up my email with or my regular feed reader but nice to know kind of info like when a movie shipped or when they got one back etc.

    So 61 in total.

  2. Austin says:

    I have 21 feeds, but one of those is the master list, which means I read a lot more blogs, just not as many feeds.

  3. 192 feeds. I’ve winnowed that down from around 300 in the past month or so.

  4. Hogg says:

    133 feeds in Bloglines.

  5. J Spadafora says:

    154 feeds, and I use BlogBridge to keep them in sync between work PC and home Mac. This includes some PubSub search feeds, and a feed for my inbox.

  6. I’ve got about 300 or so, in Reblog.

  7. 81 in RssReader. This includes some custom search feeds.

    It would be impractical to subscribe to much more than 6 feeds in Yahoo, because they’re all in a column. Just getting to the bottom ones would take forever. Anyone who wants to subscribe to a lot of feeds will look for a better laid-out interface.


  8. Paul Dundon says:

    Is this the right question? Surely what we really want to know is how many feeds have a good chance of being read? I subscribe to 23 feeds right now and if I subscribed to many more I’d be marking whole swathes of material as read after glancing at it for two seconds, just to keep up with the volume of incoming articles. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Does it really matter that I’m subscribed to those feeds if I hardly ever read the articles?

  9. Andrew says:

    106 in RSS Bandit. I used to have much more but found they were taking up too much of my time.

  10. Simon says:

    174 in Bloglines.

  11. Bela Labovitch says:

    95 in Bloglines – but a few are searches, so I am reading many more blogs.

  12. 209 feeds, although I’ve been going through a trimming cycle the past few weeks. I usually stabilize around 300.

  13. philipri says:

    I’m pretty aggressive about culling boring/inactive feeds – so only 67 for me.

  14. Anne Zelenka says:

    I’m at 169 in my main feed reader, plus another 120 in a secondary reader so that I can follow those separately for BlogHer-related posts. I was thinking that today I’d spend time figuring out how to handle this efficiently and effectively, but I want to get through my regular reading first, and now I’m commenting here, and the time’s ticking away …

  15. Jon Galloway says:

    1750, and I actually skim just about all of them, time permitting. About 800 of those are feeds, since the main feed only returns the last 25 posts, so if if I left my aggregator off for a few days I’d miss quite a few posts.

    I use RSSBandit, which frequently crashes under the strain. I’ve been working on a lightweight aggregator which runs on a database instead of XML files, but I’m too busy reading feeds to finish it. 😉

  16. Justin Thorp says:

    255 feeds in Bloglines

  17. Andy says:

    202 in google reader, plus about 40 labels….

    this is about as high as its been i think, i used to try and keep it to 100, then 150….then i just gave up

  18. One, yours. I used to maintain a web page which grabbed headlines from about 20 or so, and that was fun, but I still haven’t found any easy web service replacement (even after your suggestions). I still find it difficult to have a headline-only web page which monitors a bunch of feeds with no logging on or user security.

    I subscribe to a number of mailing lists, however, and find that the best quality information comes from the best people. I read slashdot and digg, The Age Online, am a member of a small-circle high-quality tech mailing list, and a wider volume mensa mailing list.

    Very little escapes my attention, I believe.

    I would subscribe to more RSS feeds but the aggregating software is still way to primitive and hard to use. There is too much identity management involved with the online options, too much software dependance involved with application options, and much too primitive filtering and organisation in both cases.

    At some point I intend to conduct a more thorough investigation into RSS management again, but it’s still not "there" for me…



  19. oipic says:

    I’ve just performed a bit of a clean-up*, and reduced my total to a little over a hundred. Perhaps 30-40 of these command immediate attention, the others I only peruse when there’s ‘free time’ (photo blogs, less time-sensitive opinion-based feeds etc). Using FeedDemon, for what it’s worth.

    * – Have severely cut down on feeds that don’t post full content; I’m starting to get picky about this now. Those that post only excerpts risk losing my attention, but ironically probably feature higher in FeedDemon’s new list of ‘Feeds I Pay the Most Attention To’, given they require more ‘clicks’. Clicks and subsequent tab hunting I could do without, to be honest.

  20. I currently subscribe to hundreds of feeds Alex but if things pan out they way I expect they will I’ll soon subscribe to none…. yet sample thousands.

    I expect the Feed Aggregator to go the way of the dodo, to be replaced by the Feed Grazer. Its a completely different model and it will be enabled by OPML directories and Reading Lists. When the World is an Outline we don’t have to wed ourselves to a tiny number of information flows (eg. 400) – instead we can graze everything!

  21. Jack Vinson says:

    I’ve got over 300, and the exact number bounces around quite a bit. And I think about 50-100 of those are "dead," but it doesn’t matter since they are all in my aggregator.

    I’m using SharpReader, thought I continue to look for more perfection.

  22. Reg Muffet says:

    In excess of 100, organized into about a dozen categories:

    IT Commentary, IT News, People, Curiosities, etc.

    View them with NetNewsWire (Mac OS X) and usually skim category headlines, reading those that stand out.

    I unsubscribe from those without full-text feeds very quickly.

  23. Hmm, i used to read a lot but now trimmed to 58 excluding microsoft blogs..




  24. Ian Yorston says:

    189 in BlogLines – including yours…

  25. I created a quick screencast to show what I mean by the term ‘Attention Engines’.

    Before I sign out…

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