The convergence of bloggers

Sounds fancy, don’t it? Philip’s getting a ‘convergence’ meme attack…so much so, he’s looking for other convergent bloggers who are going to the Convergence event in Dallas, and converge with them. – Tags: convergence

New Service: Street-Side (Preview)

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch has more details plus screenshots: “Microsoft’s is launching a preview version of a new service called Street-Side today (link will be live around 12 PST today). Street-Side will augment the Live Local service and give street level views of the entire city.” Update: The preview seems to be live already….here’s the Street-Side…

Aussie tech bloggers – TalkTechBlogs

Frank Arrigo has been working on a cool little project Down Under. It’s called TalkTechBlogs. “This project has been a dream of mine for a while. It provides a single aggregated view of all the local bloggers in the OPML, as well as the ability for bloggers to add/remove them selves from the list. I…


About my past

Kent had a bit of a surprise to find that he was related to Meryl Streep. So I tried to find out more about my own past over at This is what turned up: Funny thing is, I bought Tracy’s 2005 album just last week. I didn’t know she was my dad though.


The Intelligent Designer speaks

One recent comment at this post of mine caught my eye, left by the ‘Designer’. Anyway, it points to an exclusive video interview you should check out if you’re interested in the origins of the Universe – the Intelligent Designer speaks. My favourite line: “If I don’t keep and eye on it all, it could all go to pot.”

Optimal OPML Browser

More cool OPML stuff. James Corbett and Adam Green have pointed out a new web-based OPML file browser called Optimal, created by Dan MacTough. I like love it because Optimal: Honours the file hierachy with collapsable outlines Provides links to the RSS / XML file Provides links to the website the RSS / XML feed is…


Software I Use

James Governor posted another Declarative Living post, including a link to Alex Bosworth’s Software I use page on Swik. For some reason, I thought this was a good idea – I’m bizarrely partial to the documentation of my stuff. Examples include my home network, books I own, my tagcloud. Why? I think I’m motivated by the…


Content 2.0, London (06.06.06) – I’ll be there…

I interrupt my usual provisioning of blog fodder to let you know I’m going to be in London to take part in the Debate and Panel section (‘The Power of Search and Recommendation’) of the Content 2.0 event, organized by the non-profit org NMK. It’s a one day event taking place in London on 06.06.06. (oh, oh…I hear the Damien music!…


Safe Mashing

Philip Richardson, PM at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team has a thought provoking post on Mashups and security… Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing these two words – ‘security’ and ‘mashup’ – mashed strung together…remember – safe mashing! -Web 2.0, mashup, security  

What’s the difference between kinky and perverted?

Wanrning – rant post. (btw, if you’re looking for the punch line to the title scroll down…) One of the things that breaks blogging netiquette protocol – and annoys me no end – is the habit *some* have of quoting massive chunks of others’ posts. It’s usually a newbie blogger faux pas and is normally…