Well, here goes for the second time around

Bubble 2.0 - the signs are there if you look for them.

Remember First Tuesday?  I never attended, but heard all the legendary stories of latecomers to the web party pitching the loons with the cash.

Well, here goes for the second time around:

"London was one of the major creative hubs in the first boom and is once again buzzing with innovative ideas and companies. European investors and entrepreneurs are a major force in the new landscape.

It's time to take business in the online sector seriously again. Second Chance Tuesday is an event for anyone that believes in the power of the internet to change everything,from the way we communicate to the way we entertain ourselves. Come mingle with London’s leading entrepreneurs and investors who are helping create the world changing ideas of tomorrow."

'Let's party like it's 1999'. That's the event strapline. You think I'm joking, don't you?

Via Ivan Pope.

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  1. I actually went to a First Tuesday back in those heady dotcom days. You had to have an invite (I can’t remember how I got mine). Everyone had a sticker on their chest: red for with an idea needing investment, green for those with cash and yellow for interested bystanders.

    I was a yellow, so I observed the fun.

    The entire room was like a giant merry-go-round. Investors stood at various places around the room and the red stickered ones slowly edged around the room with their notes, whiteboards, cardboard webpage mockups and the like.

    I spoke to a few of the people with ideas. Some of them were dopey. A few of them were good. One consistent thing was that the people with ideas were always passionate about what they wanted to do. And most of them were going to try and do it anyway.

    The investors, on the other hand, appeared aloof and indifferent. ‘Excite me’ was the implicit challenge. Very little seemed to excite them. Their attitude has coloured my opinion of VCs ever since.

    I hope the recent chat about the VC industry (see http://chuquet.com/chuquet.aspx?linkinfo=458286) has shaken up their complacency Second Time Around.

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