Hottest Microsoft bloggers

Microsoft Watch has put together a list of the Microsoft blogs they recommend:

"When we first started monitoring the Microsoft blogs almost three years ago, there were so few that we easily could list them all on this site. Now there are well in excess of 2,000 Microsoft and former Microsoft employees with blogs.

We've given up trying to be all-inclusive."

Guess what? I'm on their 'Hottest Blog Picks' (at the Moment). Can you hear the sizzle? Oh, that's the bacon and eggs going...

I'd better keep on my toes though...the emphasis is 'at the moment'...check out the other Microsoft blogs you should slap into your opml.

Via Philip Richardson


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  1. X.Static says:

    Yeah baby! That’s some pretty impressive company to find yourself in on that list.

  2. PatriotB says:

    Well you can tell Mary Jo isn’t a programmer… Raymond’s not on the list!

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    PatriotB: agreed – there are loads of ms bloggers miles better than mine that should have made the list.

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