huge waves of information

anne 2.0:

"The problem I'd most like to solve as a technologist and as a blogger is information overload. When I moved beyond mom blogging into tech blogging I discovered an entire new ocean of information. Today I feel like a tow-in surfer at Jaws, Maui's North shore surfing site famous for its monster waves. Today I decided to learn more about OPML, attention.xml, reading lists, and other mechanisms that might optimize news reading. Today I rode a huge wave of information about huge waves of information."


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  1. Anne Zelenka says:

    Hey, thanks for the link. Your posts on this subject were some of the most useful I read. This is great, exciting stuff.

  2. While driving to and from work today (including a detour for the ubiquitous drive-thru caffeine fix malarkey)…

  3. I created a quick screencast to show what I mean by the term ‘Attention Engines’.

    Before I sign out…

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