And Man said, Let there be connectivity

I think this has the potential of being the best post of the year. I cried with laughter.

"1:3 And Man said, Let there be connectivity: and there was global connectivity"



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  1. eddie kawwa says:

    I have a question!!

    I am new to ; and I would like to know how to post a blog or how to start a blog?



  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hi Eddie, is run for Microsoft employees only I’m afraid. In other words, if you’re not a Microsoft employee you cannot run a blog on here…sorry!

  3. A general question about aggregation. When I was running a web server myself, I installed a php-based aggregator, and made my aggregated news feed the front page to my website. I loved it. I aggregated from about 20 philosophy blogs, with the headlines from each blog for the past 20 hours or so present on the homepage of

    For various reasons, I no longer self-host, and I can’t do that any more. Do you know of any server-side aggregation services which allow public access to the feed?



  4. MSDNArchive says:

    MP, a couple of options available (well, a lot more than a couple), but those I recommend: FeedBurner ( and Feeddigest (

  5. Henry says:

    I’m a v-.

    I’m wondering…can I have a msdn blog? And how?

  6. MSDNArchive says:

    Henry, don’t think you can. Ping me offline.


     I have read all the forum responses. It is much like most forums, full of hate, impending dome, anxiety, etc. All signs of imbalance of the human body. We like to lash out at people for some reason, instead of trying to be understanding.

     One thing is for sure, we are facing a lot of stress everyday. I was almost killed on June 07, 1995, at an extreme industrial chemical processing plant. For some unknown reason I was given some vision about people and what they think. I’m also able to see the spirit or energy that leaves the body when so called death occurs. I realized this in 1979. I also can see that I have had this since birth. It is either genetic or was taught to me by my mother, who died May 29th, 1979. I was 23 at that time.

     It is interesting to me that most people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Obviously the environment is affecting everyone. The human body is amazing in fact that it can feel minute changes in measurements of energy and matter all around us. I believe this is the key. The energy that is released from our bodies at death is measured in scientific research to be 28 grams. That is the exact weight we lose at the time of death.

    I can see the energy released when people’s spirits are wrenched from there bodies.

    It is translucent and passes through matter. The color seems to be white and truly moves amazingly fast.

     It is a reward for our struggles we endure in our body’s life. Our chemical make ups are

    also a key for the things we would like to see and to understand. Everything we need is in our immeasurable spirit, or energy we all possess. I have had an experience where a six inch needle was passed through two large nerves in my back. The seemingly electrical

    energy we have is amazingly strong. It is real.

     The Earth’s energy fields are changing. I actually feel it. I believe we all feel it, but choose to ignore it.

     I have lived overseas where the pollution is so bad you will become quite ill breathing the air. Your body wants to reject it. It is as if you are suffocating. It is unbelievable, and everyone should experience this.

     Radiation is a huge part of this pollution. My personal experience allows me to see and feel these things. The industrial world of India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Japan, and more are truly unchecked. I believe that if this continues,

    it is our apocalypse. The Earth will have to clean itself soon. That is what we are experiencing now.

     There is way too much synergy of unbelievable amounts of concentrated chemicals in the atmosphere.

     The human race is capable of solving this. We must stop ignoring it immediately! When the uneducated and impoverished exceed the majority of the people on Earth, that will start the collapse. This started a long time ago, and is gaining speed.

     Money, power, and control seem to be inherent in all of us. The haves and have not,

    is the most powerful influence in all societies?

     I believe everyone should experience having nothing, including hope. It very remarkably enlightens. A skill we all need if we are to survive.

    Something third world countries have refined to a high degree.

     Caring for others and helping others, WOW!


    Robert C Ramsey

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