spending more time online and watching more TV?

If we've only got 24 hours a day, how can we be spending more time online and be watching more TV?

Answer? Continuous Partial Attention.

ZDNet's IT Facts:

TV viewing at highest levels ever

 An average person watched television 4 hours and 32 minutes each day, the highest level in 15 years.


Number of hours with TV turned on over 24 hours
Year US household US person
2004 - 2005 8:11 4:32
2003 - 2004 8:01 4:25
2002 - 2003 7.55 4.25
2001 - 2002 7.42 4.18
2000 - 2001 7.39 4.15
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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  1. Ed Kaim says:

    That is an impressive statistic. However, even more impressive is the impact Media Center (and probably that other "Tivo" thing I keep hearing about) has on viewing. While I probably do watch at least another 7 minutes a day on average (probably more!), I consume nearly twice as many shows as I used to. For example, I almost never watch anything live (besides sports) so I never spend time looking for something to watch. In addition, I cut out boring segments of shows, commercials, etc. I also end up being able to watch shows I would have never been around to watch otherwise, such as shows that start before I get home from work, etc.

    Also, the only time I’m not using my laptop while watching TV is when I’m watching TV on the laptop itself 🙂

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