Even *I* think this is a little extreme…

Even *I* think this is a little extreme… “When I found out my wife was pregnant, I immediately set up a blog for the kid. I already know that he wants to get any of my attention, he’s going to need an RSS feed.” Via Groovy Mother – Tags: RSS Attention


Atomic MSDN blogs

Tim, it’s great you noticed that the MSDN blogs gen Atom 1.0 as well as RSS 2.0 feeds, but…this has been the case for nearly two years a year, as is probably the glitch you point out 😉


4 plugs in one post – beat that.

My wife was given a business card by Shel Israel at the Naked Conversations party last week, and she loved the card. ‘I want one of these for Unwind’ she said (ok, this is another blatant plug for her business – she provides Chair Massage for companies in the Seattle area and the UK.  Given that my…


Well, here goes for the second time around

Bubble 2.0 – the signs are there if you look for them. Remember First Tuesday?  I never attended, but heard all the legendary stories of latecomers to the web party pitching the loons with the cash. Well, here goes for the second time around: “London was one of the major creative hubs in the first…


My data

No time to comment on this post by Seth Goldstein, but wanted to point it out: “Is there a legitimate mechanism for me to house my data such that nobody, neither individual, corporate or governmental can access it without my consent?” – Tags: Attention


Attention engines not just for the geekosphere

The attention conversation keeps going.  Latest post by Scott Karp: “The idea that we’re living in an “attention economy” is nothing new. But unless the media/technology industry starts listening to Umair and focuses on creating new ways to help people efficiently allocate their attention in a world of infinite options, the bubble will pop. And…


Classic anti-Web 2.0 postage

I wanted to write up an example anti-Web 2.0 post, but Harry Pierson did it for me: “First off, it’s a pure marketing buzzword. It was originally coined as a conference name” blah, blah, blah “Secondly, I think it’s wildly arrogant to claim we’re only on version 2.0”, blah, blah, blah “Finally, what’s with the version number anyway”,…


Professional tag gardeners now a reality (for now)

Earlier this month James Governor predicted that professional tag gardeners would emerge from the tagging eco-system. Today, Michael Arrington and Pete Cashmore (on Wednesday) report that professional tag gardening prediction is now a reality. Michael asks: “Is this a gimick to generate attention or is it a viable long term strategy to generate user adoption?” If you ask…


If he’s an edge case, I’m an edge case.

Surfing through Flickr this morning – I took the plunge and paid for a full account so I can have more sets. I’ve uploaded the second day’s pics from MSN Search Champs.  One of the pics is of Robert Scoble’s Shakespearian soliloquy: ‘I’m not an edge case’. Here’s the audio Dion recorded (sitting the other…


Jim Alchin and his blogging dinner

Jim Alchin, Microsoft’s co-president of Platform Products & Services Division, had the opportunity to meet some of San Francisco’s smartest bloggers at a dinner organized by Robert Scoble. Tara Hunt, one of the attendees posted: “Somehow, I got added to this very intimate list of people to go for dinner with Jim Allchin and see a demo…