Don’t talk and drive

Don't talk and drive.

Well, don't talk about stuff that's hard to talk about, that's the message that Dave Munger's post conveys about how the cognitive demands of conversation can affect our awareness of the world around us.

So much for effective multi-tasking...

Comments (3)

  1. James says:

    Can we have some error bars on that to see the statistical significance. The data means absolutely nothing without that information.

  2. Dave Munger says:

    We don’t do error bars on Cognitive Daily, because they are only a crude indication of statistical significance, and can be confusing for a lay audience. You need a pretty sophisticated undestanding of statistics to understand how to apply error bars, depending on what sort of error is being displayed. Instead, we report on significant differences in the text of our reports themselves.

    In this case, Crash Avoidance, Cars Recalled, and RT to Hazards all represent significant differences.

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