visualizing conversations

Anjo Anjewierden has analyzed some interelated blogs posts and drawn up the data - the visualization of blog conversations.

"Left to right is time (the data was 2004 posts of KM bloggers). Top to bottom is chronological order of a blogger entering the conversation. Colours are: blue (both links to and is linked from other posts in the conversation), red (is linked from in the conversation), green (links to the conversation). Note that posts by the same blogger on (nearly) the same day overlap each other (one pixel is one day).

For the example above, it is easy to see the "conversation" continues for a while (first post is Feb. 26, 2004 and last is Dec. 31, 2004). "

Via information aesthetics.

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  1. This reminds me of an idea I had once, but I don’t know how to pull it together.

    I thought it would be great if multiple different blogs could form a linked conversation through blog posts, such that they would contribute that conversation back into the original blog. Like a traceback of blog posts.

    I would like, for example, some kind of "token" which I could pass around the philosophy blogs, and so assemble a coherent conversation between bloggers on a single topic.

    Perhaps, for example, I could pose a question to the blogosphere. Those wanting to respond could take the token, then pass it on to others or return it to me. The original blog post would then carry the path taken by the token through the blogosphere.

    Perhaps, even, those blog posts in the conversation could be posted in my blog as new posts, incorporated directly as posts originating from offsite. The ability to incorporate conversation elements from other blogs would, I think, add a lot to a strongly themed issue-related blog such as my own philosophical one.



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