Outsourcing life decisions

Back in June I asked my blog readers to help me decide what to eat one night...I was stuck, not sure whether to go for either Chinese, Indian, Wendy's, KFC or Pizza.

One concerned commenter pointed out that none of the above were particularly healthy.

I settled for Indian as this got the most votes that night, but now Brad Gessler has developed an alternative means of deciding what to eat, called What Shall I Eat (dotcom). My life is almost complete. All I need now is 'What Shall I Wear' to be developed and we're there.




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  1. Tom says:

    Well, since all it does it pick a random item you entered, you could use it as a "what shall i wear" type thing…the only problem is it will tell you "I think you should have shorts. I hope you like it!"

  2. MSDNArchive says:


  3. Brad Gessler says:

    Yeah, so the grammer engine isn’t quite up to par 🙂 But this website is an amazing ultra-sophisticated implementation of the php rand() function.

    I already have some requests for incorporating a Google Maps mashup of food places in the area, maybe I’ll setup some kind of "folksonomy" restaraunt list/review/rating system and incorporate it with the website.

    Enter your zipcode, hit "I’m feeling Hungry" and see what you get!

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    that ould work Brad – just need ability to limit choices…

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