I'm off to catch a plane soon. Long-haul flight, so need something to do.

Instead of lugging CDs around (believe it or not this is how I have listened to podcasts while on the road, so sad) I decided to get digital. (!)

Went to the Circuit City and saw one of these...

The Vibrance of Zen MicroPhoto

Got my mitts on a Zen MicroPhoto. Has 8GB that can act as storage for any filetypes. Less than $190. That's a deal. Getting used to the UI but the management software that comes with it works ok. Also syncs Outlook data but don't need it - have Smartphone that takes care of that.

As I write now I realise can't store all the music I have. It manages about two thirds - up to Public Enemy. Had to make a decision - Chopin removed to make space for Euphoria (under Various Artists, see). Oh well, I got what I really wanted now - I can listen to some mindbending stuff from IT Conversations and some API stuff with Niall, Om and Kevin this week.

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  1. andy says:

    hope you were using CD-RWs for your podcasts. Sounds very wasteful to be using CD-Rs to listen to them

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    yup, total waste.

  3. mattvb says:

    I pre-ordered one from Amazon back in October, glad they killed the price another $50 since then (oh well).

    I like mine, a lot. the killer app for me was the built-in AM/FM radio/mp3 recorder.

    I now see that one can buy an iPod accessory to listen to AM/FM but I think that’s cheesy. JUST BUILD THE DAMN THING WITH ONE TO BEGIN WITH. Ug!

  4. MSDNArchive says:

    Nice Matt, I haven’t the radio yet and recorder yet. Something else to try at the airport!

  5. Stewart says:

    You should get Napster to go, I use it with my 5GB Zen Micro, it’s very reasonable for $10 a month

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