What is a modern marketer?

What is a modern marketer?

Riya has a modern marketer called Tara Hunt. Her official title is Online Marketing Manager at the start-up that's still in Alpha, but she's done it all on a shoestring - when you don't have a $100 million dotcom marketing budget - guerilla marketing is the way to go.

Chris Saylor and Josh Owens have interviewed Tara to find out about some of her rogue technique secrets, most of them 'unconventional'.

Is her technique working? Well, who's not heard of Riya by now?

I'm meeting with another modern marketer this week - James Cherkoff in London. Look forward to it.

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  1. Have fun in London! See you New Years!


  2. kehinde says:

    i would like to know more about the internet and affiliate marketing

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