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Steve Rubel has complained that there are two sites reproducing his blog posts without permission.  One of the sites, Advertising news & Information, has posted his complaint on its blog, automagically, I presume. Earlier this week I mentioned that I had found this was happenning to me too (at different sites), but without attribution at least Steve's content rapers are providing links back to his original posting.

Here is a screeshot I took of Steve's post, republished at the offending site. I wonder if their 'editors' will even notice that his post currently their lead post accusing them of theft.


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  1. As someone who HAS "borrowed" content from your site (except I always give credit) — it’s frustrating that your MSDN blogs do not support trackbacks as MSN Spaces does. 🙁

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Blake, this is known issue, really annoys me too. Hopefully fixed soon….

  3. Matthew says:

    Its an Adsense scam. Set up a new blog, copy someone else’s content, get an Adsense account then have your zombie network hit the site.

    Hello Adsense dollars!

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