Attention and Identity, Podcast Part 2

Here is Part 2 (mp3, 27mins 26mb) of the two-part Attention and Identity podcast recorded with Joshua Porter, Dick Hardt, CEO of Sxip and Kim Cameron, chief identity architect at Microsoft.

Attention and Identity with Dick Hardt and Kim Cameron, Podcast Part 2

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  1. Sam Sethi says:


    Spot on. I have been working over the summer on exactly the same topics. OPML + Attn+ RSS + SSE + ID2 + Reputation + Tags + Xforms etc.

    I have a personal project called but will email you directly via MSFT on this if you want to know more.

    I am also working on a project for MSN UK and it dawned on me that with supporting OPML we could have multiple channels and categorisation. The challenge is how to migrate users from to Live. One solution is to create a default (MSN) OPML file and then have this file pre-loaded in Live.

    Then users could either take the vanilla flavour OPML file which MSN could control changes via SSE. Or users could alter their page manually.

    I have also written an OPML exchange server to work with Live. This can now house multiple OPML files and users can exchange their files with ratings and ranking.

    This server also allows MSN to commercialise the page with partners. i.e Amazon might want to create their OPML standard template and store this in the OPML exchange server.

    iRiSS goes beyond this by integrating with Infocards.

    Let me know what you think.


    P.S Could favourites be stored in OPML?

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