Attention as a ‘long-haul tool for understanding my own progress in the digital realm.’

'Oook' listened to the 3-part Steve Gillmor and Dave Winer AttentionTech podcast and reflects:

"Attention is much more multifaceted, being both multidimensional and volatile too: from week to week and over months my attention is assigned to many different realms, often interconnected but sometimes quite disjunctive as I pick up and put down various threads, now more focused, now attending to more things more shallowly, now following a specific trail of interconnections. I want to be able to visualize and analyze that flux, and to be able to revisit any of the states of the past with a click. I want the kind of map that Dave Pollard implies ("your brain's memory laid out as a wiki tableau"). I want that for myself, and I'd want to be able to export it to somebody else (perhaps in pruned/edited form). But most of all I want that as a long-haul tool for understanding my own progress in the digital realm."

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