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Steve Gillmor with Dave Winer:

"And speaking of AttentionTech, all three parts of the Dave Winer/Dan Farber special are now on line. Ladies and gentlemen, start your business models…"

The Big Suitcase Part I

Hello and welcome to the first of a special three part Thanksgiving special edition of the AttentionTech podcast with Steve Gillmor and Mike Vizard. This week the big news is that Microsoft is going to work with Dave Winer and team to create some extensions to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) that will take RSS, OPML, and Attention to the next level. Joining us today to discuss the implications of this move is Dave Winer and ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber. Welcome gentlemen!

The Big Suitcase Part II

Dave Winer and Dan Farber debate the advertising business model.

The Big Suitcase Part III

The discussion comes full circle back to OPML, RSS, and Attention.

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