MSN Search – searching for your input

Brady Forrest of the MSN Search team is actively searching for anyone who wants to shape the future of their product.

"A little over a year ago we began inviting groups of academics, bloggers, siteowners, and technologists out to Redmond to talk about search. We call them Search Champs. We usually select this group based on who we are reading and we think would provide us great insight. We spend a couple of days with the group showing them our future plans, getting their input and making connections. Every time we hold these sessions we inevitably hear from people who want to be included, but we had never heard of them or didn’t know that they would be interested in MSN Search. It’s always with regret that we have to turn people away."

You want RESTful MSN Search APIs? What else would you like to see? Now's your chance to apply.

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