Grokking RSS + SSE, but what about OPML + SSE?

It has been a week since the RSS / OPML/ SSE proposal was announced by Ray Ozzie and Dave Winer.

There is plenty of grokking going on with respect to RSS + SEE, but I've yet to come across any posts taking the time to think through the implications of OPML + SSE. This will come though - OPML is still in a v.early adopter phase and we're only just starting to grokk that, let alone SSE.

There is one post I do want to highlight that has gone beyond the 'ooh that's cool' and really started thinking through the implications of RSS / SSE.

The post is by a certain DrDel at who outlines the current RSS vs. the future RSS + SEE model. He/she also goes on to describe some scenarios that are enabled through RSS / SSE, including blogware, news readers, organizers, collaborative documentation, media, 'signal to noise apps' and advertising.

Well worth a perusal. Here's a snippet:

The Model:

The Model for SSE feeds can be described between two endpoints or users A and B.

To describe the model we will assume A and B currently share each other's RSS feeds. We will assume user A has a blog about politics that user B reads on a daily basis in his favourite news reader program. User B has a video blog that User A syndicates on User A's weblog.

User A and B share each other's item data via their RSS feeds in the current model.

With SSE users A and B can share data in duplex or bidirectional mode.

User A sends the data to User B via subscription. User B has to option to add to or modify User A's data and can send it back to User A or any other user who subscribes to User B's subscription feed. So user B can make a political comment about George Bush's Iraq invasion and send the comment data back to User A's political weblog. User B can also send User A's political weblog entry with user B's comment data to any of user B's subscribers.

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  1. I’ve also been thinking about the wider implications Alex and inspired Kosso’s ‘time machine’ I started wondering about the application of OPML/RSS/SSE to home monitoring/control systems and even cooking your microwave dinner. This really is exciting technology and I think it will crack open alot of proprietary formats.

  2. Oops, that should have read – ".. inspired BY Kosso’s ‘time machine…"

  3. Right, enough cataloging of everyone else’s 2006 predictions…with about 4 hours to go before the start…

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