Attention podcast part 2, Joshua Porter and Alex Barnett

Here's the second of the two part Attention podcast Skype call I recorded with Joshua Porter:

We've already got some feedback to the first half/part of the podcast. In particular I wanted to highlight Danny Ayres who took the time to post this comment. Thanks Danny, we should keep talking.

As I listened to the recordings to make the notes below, I came realise two things: Firstly, how much work is still ahead of us to work it out in this attention management space (but it will be fun - and of course, it'll never end....). Second, it appears that a non-trivial convergence is occurring, one that James Governor recognises and describes as a "quadrangulation of SSE, attention, RSS and OPML that creates the opportunity, no?". You've got it it James, and well put too.

In the meantime, Dave has pointed to Jeff Jarvis' demand to Yahoo! that they hand over his attention data (RSS)!

Back to the podcast: again, Joshua's voice is relatively faint (compared to mine) but is audible - sorry about this.

Notes and links below.

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  1. scott says:

    How do you see these user developed OPML psuedo standards getting established? Will the tool vendors be the king makers? Won’t this process lead to the big industry players in each vertical market hijacking OPML in the same manner that Apple hijacked RSS 2.0 with their iTunes extensions? Podcasting innovation has been stopped in its tracks because there was nothing in place to prevent Apple from doing whatever it wanted, however it wanted. I think end users will lose out in the scenario you are proposing.

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