‘with great power comes great responsibility’

"with great power comes great responsibility"

Source: Uncle Ben to Peter Parker in Spider-Man







(that's not Doctor Octopus, btw)

Michael Swanson has quoted this recent Spidy classic when describing XAML and Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known as "Avalon") technology:

"As the famous phrase goes: "with great power comes great responsibility." In other words, this is technology that can be used for good (i.e. rich, interactive user experiences) or bad (i.e. lots of spinning logos and gratuitous UI). I've had the fortune to work with many early adopters of this technology, and I'm amazed by what I've seen already (witness the North Face demo that we showed at PDC05). I'm convinced that—similar to the switch from command-line to GUI—applications are on the verge of taking a leap from graphical user interface to graphical user experience. We're just now starting to see the tools that make this possible in our upcoming Expression product line, and exporters like this one from Thomas Goddard only add to the mix. Great job, Thomas!"

Spinning logos...ooh yes. And spinning globes too (the hallmark of 1995 website when animated gifs where in their heyday, yummy.. (ooh..and do you remember image maps? woo hoo!)

Btw, the exporter Michael is referring to by Thomas Goddard is this freely-available plug-in for Maya that exports model and texture data to XAML. In case you don't have U.S. $6999 knocking about for the high-end, you might try the Personal Learning Edition of Maya, er, free (for non-commercial use).

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