1 billion searches in a year sounds like a lot

IT Facts:

"Annual Web search usage and volume is projected to cross the 100 bln threshold during the next 12 months, driven by a range of advances and new developments in general and vertical search as well as video and multimedia search. Local commercial searches could surpass 20 bln (or 20% of Web search) during 2006, according to The Kelsey Group."

1 billion searches in a year sounds like a lot. And it is. Let's face it, one billion is an impressive number. Say it out loud...go on. It sounds good, big and juicy, doesn't it? Now say it like Carl Sagan. One Bullionn. Aha.

But a billion searches in a year seems low to me:

1,000,000,000 a year

2,739,726 a day

114,155 a hour

1,903 a minute

31.7 a second

There are 6 Bullionn of us folks! Not all 6 Bullionn have net access, I grant, but is that really all we can manage? A piddling, trifling, measly, 31.7 searches a second? We can do better than that! There is so much to search: blogs, feeds, images, videos, opml, podcasts, fish (!), auctions, extraterrestrials, recipes, the unknown, metas, your future loved one, or your ego, anything! Come on now, get searching!

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  1. Steven says:

    Erm… the article mentions !100 billion! searches per year. Thats 3170 searches per second.

    At 217.2 million users, that is an average of 460 searches per user per year, 1.26 searches per user per day. Still seems a bit low. I know I do several dozen searches a day, maybe even hundreds. They might not always be on the major search engines. I don’t suppose the Kelsey Group’s counted people searching the Oracle knowledge base, the PHP online manual or even MSDN?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Hey Steven, that’s more like it! But as you say still low….searching MDSN and the like? I doubt it. All good points, thanks!

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