RSS via IM – Screencast

I created this screencast to show what I meant in this post about


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  1. Neil says:

    Brilliant! And tomorrow we get a screencast of paint drying 🙂

    Just kidding, the way you built the dramatic tension waiting for the message to pop through was worthy of Hitchcock.

    More! more!

  2. Best. Screencast. Evar! I think you’ve invented a whole new genre: slow motion screencasting. But is it art?

  3. Actually, don’t you think this might be fairly stressful? It’s pretty hectic when you’re bombarded with email alerts, instant messages, phonecalls and the like – isn’t the idea of RSS that you can read it when you have time, hence the time-shifted nature? I’m sure this would be good for your most essential feeds, though.

  4. Using RSS 101 – Screencast

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