Truveo video search. It works.

Bambi Francisco:

"Search is the No. 2 activity on the Web behind e-mail. As every searcher knows, it's not perfect, especially when it comes to video search. Truveo is  a new video search engine. Truveo founder Tim Tuttle gave me his elevator pitch recently while we were at the Dow Jones Consumer Venture Technology conference."

Truveo, eh? Let's see...

I ran my usual test search "Alex Barnett". Lo and behold, up came two results. These are in fact the only two videos I know I've created. So by my little test, Truveo works for me.

In the video inteview Bambi did with Tim Tuttle (Truveo's CEO), Tim mentions the effort going into making sure that not only the major networks' content is indexed, but also user-generated content (or in my case, loser-generated content) makes the index too:


I ran a couple of other searches, including Truveo (Bambi's video hasn't make the index yet), and "Cricket" . The first search result for cricket is not quite what I expected: "The relatively new sport of cricket spitting is gaining popularity in America....". Good entertainment though - the  "Cricket spitting" yields 8 results worth a parusal, if you're into that sort of thing.

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