H2.0 and ‘the party to end all parties’

It is with dubious pride that I announce that this blog has joined the new Hack 2.0 Workgroup. The Hack 2.0 Workgroup is a network of sub-premium weblogs that hack content exclusively about the new generation of the Web.



Other illustrious members of the H2.0 workgroup include Robert 'attention' Scoble, Ben 'Barry' Barren, Tara 'It not about the beer' Hunt, Kevin 'Racktail' Burton, Peter 'Mashmore' CashmoreSuper.siri.us, Eren 'Global' Globen and of course the founder of Hack 2.0 Workgroup, Alicia 'very excited', er Alicia.


Back to realworld...

Last night I met some great people in San Francisco at the supr.c.ilio.us 'Launch party to end all Launch parties' thrown by Ryan King. My first time in sunny California. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the above plus the super-creative folks from Pandora, Chris Messina of Flock, Niall Kennedy (Technorati), Chris Heuer, Buzz Andersen (Apple blogger) and Enric the vlogger.

(er, that was a 'Web 2.0' *effort*)

(that was the Hack 2.0 signal)

More party pics here.

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    I like the post Metallica signal : how is it best to practise and distinguish from the Classic Metallica Satan/Concert signal I saw on their documentary (having never been to a concert of theirs ever – im more r+b, hip hop, beatz)

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