Memerorandum hack – the return

This is getting embarrassing. The Memerorandum hack story has returned once more to the make the front page of Memeorandum (pic below).

It made on for a little while but then disappeared. It is now back, with even more links to those referring to the nonsense in an even more prime position, this time with Peter Cashmore's post making the front running. Tara's contribution to the debacle is now this post and my follow-up with screencast is hanging on by a thread. Tara's original post has gone completely. And let's not forget Kate who walked into a farce.

New entrants now include Kevin and Eran. The conversation has now turned into something slightly more serious: Humans vs. Algorithms. (btw, this algorithm seems to do the trick).

(Update 13 Nov: More on H vs.A here, and 'intellectual discourse'.)

So I've learnt something new: just because the story leaves Memeorandum, doesn't mean it is gone forever, especially if the conversation moves in another direction, which it has. It can still make a comeback.


Update. 09 Nov 2005

Hey, a new game in town? I've got 3. How many can you...?

Comments (5)

  1. Well, you made a story interesting enough to link to. So, I did. So did a few other people who were in the Memeorandum system. And, so, back it comes! By the way, that’s a cool hack in itself. Gabe says his algorithm makes it hard for anything to come back. Looks like he needs to make it a little harder.

    Most items will stay on his site no more than 24 hours.

    So, can we bring it back a third time? 🙂

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    A third time? Wow, now *that* would be funny! Is interesting how the conversation has evolved thought, from ‘hack’, to humans vs. aggregators. For it to get 3rd wind we need a new angle. How about: IAs will take over the world. Is this what Epic 2015 was all about?

  3. Gabe says:

    Oops, I was mistaken about the "disappeared quietly", this was the post where you included the misleading image. (I had multiple people ask me if the above photoshopped image actually occurred.)

    Please see also my comments here:

    <A HREF=""></A&gt;

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