Robots and hip PCs

Two members of the Titan Robotics Club showed off their stuff at Seattle Mind Camp yesterday.

One was Tyr, a remote controlled robot. The other thing was wearable PC with Nomad display headset.

Watch them in action - video (.wmv, 13mb).

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  1. Incognitojoe says:

    NIce pic, I don’t think that robot would fare too well in the Robot Wars.

    It could be useful however, for cleaning up around the house!

  2. Daniel Marsh says:

    I am one of the two mentors mentioned and thought I would clarify. Tyr is not a combat robot, although it has proved to be highly durable in over 40 matches. The TRC competes in task-oriented robotics competitions held by the FIRST organization. Tyr is designed to grab tetrahedra and place them on top of goal structures.

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