Microsoft acquires FolderShare (for Windows Live)

I love FolderShare. I loved it before Microsoft acquired the company (I had no idea we were in talks), and love it today. How does this fit with the Windows Live news?


"A company spokesperson did offer BetaNews one example of how it envisions integrating FolderShare into future offerings.

"On Nov 1, we announced Windows Live and one thing we demonstrated in the technology preview of Windows Live Messenger was something called Sharing Folders that allows two Messenger contacts to set up synchronized folders. FolderShare technology could potentially help us add additional features to this basic level of functionality in the future," the spokesperson said.

But for now, no "Windows Live Remote Access" or "Windows Live File Sync" service has been announced."

I sense a rather interesting API opportunity (btw I have no knowledge of this)...what do you think?

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  1. Sid Clink says:

    Wow, MS finally figured out that file sync is a good thing 🙂

    Along with Groove, and I believe one other file sync product, they’re going full on. Typical, I suppose. It’ll be great if they integrate Groove and other File Sync products into Office.

    Me, I’ll stick with iFolder, thanks.

  2. Max Metral says:

    Foldershare is great, it now needs what MSFT is so good at: a developer API. I want to be able to sync my photo album with my family. I don’t want all the photos sync’ed, only the ones that I’ve marked as "5 star" or included in some collection in Picasa or Photoshop Elements, etc. Sure, MSFT could build custom tools for this for MS Max, but that’s not the point… Make a .Net api for developers to interact with the FolderShare engine itself.

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