10 problems with Web 2.0

Don Hinchliffe:

"Now that industry leaders like Microsoft are not only taking Web 2.0 concepts very seriously, they are apparently intent on banking on them as well, we're certainly living in a slightly different world this week compared to last."

Don lists 10 Issues Facing Web 2.0 Going Into 2006 and provides some detail for each

1. Excessive Hype

2. Lack of Simple Definition

3. Aging Poster Children

4. Needing A Permaconnection

5. Ajax as the Official Web 2.0 Experience

6. Excessive Attention On The Technology

7. Really Bad Adherents.

8. Blogging Instead of Doing

9. Not Facing Hard Truths

10. Adopting The Lightweight Creation Model

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  1. David Betz says:

    Apparently people don’t understand Web 2.0. Vista is a monumental push forward in this field. So are Tablet PCs. If the Emperor (Bill Gates) saw that list, he would go ape…well, more so probably just roll his eyes.

    Fortunately the Emperor rules the world and his technology views will soon be realized inspite of the nay-sayers ! 🙂

  2. digitalnetbizz says:

    I definitely think this is all hype (now that Oreilly has a conference on Web 2.0). All these technologies has been around for at least 5.5 years. Look at Outlook Web Access, that’s all Ajax. There are also countless web application out there which have been using this technique.

  3. MSDNArchive says:

    Digitalnetbizz: I think your comment speaks directly to Don’ 5th point: "Ajax as the Official Web 2.0 Experience".

    OWA is AJAX, yes. But AJAX does not equal Web 2.0, in the same way html does not equal the web.

  4. badri says:

    AJAX leading the "Web 2" pack is my pain problem. It makes every site it touches inaccessible to disabled people. And I am sure most companies do not want to have 2 interfaces to every site. I have not tried Atlas yet, but I am pretty sure it does not have a fall back non javascript generation built-in.

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