J.D Lasica, author of a most excellent read, Darknet, points to the new, new Darknet. The Lightnet. “You’ve heard of the Darknet. Now try on its antithesis: Lightnet. An intiguing new meme from Lucas Gonze, with contributions by Mike Linksvayer and Peter van Dijck. I like it.” That’s funny, I used the term ‘Lightnet’ in…


More Attention / OPML podcasts:

Steve Gillmor with Dave Winer: “And speaking of AttentionTech, all three parts of the Dave Winer/Dan Farber special are now on line. Ladies and gentlemen, start your business models…” The Big Suitcase Part I Hello and welcome to the first of a special three part Thanksgiving special edition of the AttentionTech podcast with Steve Gillmor and…


Note to self

Note to self: You will check the spelling of any names before hitting post You will check the spelling of any names before hitting post You will check the spelling of any names before hitting post You will check the spelling of any names before hitting post


Corante Network

Well, it is all pretty ‘live’ now, so I’m safe to blog. I am of course referring to the launch of the Corante Network. Steve Bowd Stowe Boyd does a good job of explaining it all, as does Hylton Jolliffe…Om Malik explains the fuss is about. As it happens, I’m one of the contributors to…


More on Fremont

Seattle PI’s Tod Bishop has been speaking with Garry Wiseman, the product unit manager (PUM) of Microsoft’s new Fremont project: “An upcoming online classified service from Microsoft Corp. may sound like Craigslist or the new Google Base, but the team behind the project says it found inspiration closer to home. Microsoft employees have long used an…


Transcribr – podcast transcription service, sample

Last week Pete Cashmore blogged about a new podcast transcription service called Trancribr. I wanted to test it out so I got out my Paypal wallett and splurged $11 for 11 mintues of a podcast I recorded last week.  It was dead simple to sign up and I got the results back this weekend (it has…


Windows Live Mail Beta update: features + pics

Imran Qureshi provides an update on Windows Live Mail Beta. “The wait will soon be over.  This week we will be releasing the “M4” (Milestone 4) update to the Windows Live Mail beta (codename: Kahuna).” Imran also lists out the new features plus provides some screenshot pics: contacts_drag_to_mail contacts_drag_to_mail2 error_messaging fake_paypal firefox_compose firefox_inbox iscrollLite iscrollLite_contacts JMF_EmptyFolder…


Packaging Web 3.0

Packaging Web 3.0, an alternative screencast by J Wynia.


Privacy, lost.

About five years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting MIT Media Lab’s Nicholas Negroponte. I asked him what we should be doing to reverse the ever-increasing loss of our privacy. To my dismay he replied, “Don’t bother – we’ve lost it anyway and we’re not getting it back. Get used it.” I’m a…


Tell me something I don’t know.

‘Tell me something I don’t know’. Apparently this is one of Sergey Brin’s stardard interview questions. You can learn a lot this way. I assume he knows what a Googly is, but does he know what LBW is?