I have no idea what this means

Dan Farber:

"Gartner makes a prediction that by 2015, over 100 leading companies will have made or saved at least $10 million due to networked creative intelligence, which leverages virtual communities to create new sources of information and value. Quality and trust ratings, folksonomies and tagging, prediction markets and open source coding and content development (Wikipedia) are examples of applying networked, creative intelligence, Gartner said."

I have no idea what this means. Or how this $10m number is arrived at, or why 100 companies. I've searched around for references to the research, including a visit to Gartner.com - nada.

Anyone care to explain?


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  1. Paul Bartrum says:

    It means that Gartner thinks that Wikis and similar techologies will grow in popularity and more and more companies will start to exploit them. Pretty obvious if you ask me.

    The figures are, of course, pulled out of someone’s ass. There are just too many variables to make accurate predictions over a ten year time period.

  2. Perhaps he is actually referring to that ‘oh so hated’ term, "Consumer Generated Content"…. whereas you don’t have to hire anyone to create content OR, like in the case of Flickr, programs to help your audience enjoy your product.


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