How to report splogs and RSS spam

Nicole Lee at Wired urges us all to fight the splogs and RSS spam (RSSpam?):

"... for the community's sake, when you notice a splog -- report it. If
the splog is on Blogger, you can easily report it by clicking the Flag
button on the top right corner of the page. This will notify Blogger
admins about objectionable content, and the splog should be removed. If
the splog is on another blogging platform, you may have to contact the
host directly.

Or, you could report the splog to the new, grass-roots service Splog Reporter,
which was created by Frank Gruber and Jeff John in August 2005. Splog
Reporter relies on a special splog-identification system that analyzes
a blog's URL for suspicious keywords and things like hyphens -- for
some reason, most splogs are hyphenated. Splog Reporter adds suspect
sites to its database, alerting search engines to remove them from
their indexes.

If the splog has Google ads on it, the site can be reported to Google's AdSense program, and the account could be revoked".

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  1. saurab says:

    I guess most spammers that do stuff like create 100s of splogs on and other places dont have time to create original content….One way of identifying such blogs is for genuine bloggers to use tools such as and report plagiarism to the search engines…. if a large number of people start doing this, it would at least keep all this content scraping in check…..

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