‘a renaissance’

Chris Pirillo, I say to you, what an excellent post!:

"What we're in the middle of is not a version update - it's a renaissance, and that's what it should be called (if anything):

  • A rebirth or revival.
  • A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor.
  • The period of such a revival.
  • Of, relating to, or characteristic of the Renaissance or its artistic and intellectual works and styles.

I'm going to repeat myself here in support of Chris:

"The real test is not whether our
perceived transformation of the web is called 'Web 2.0' or not. This is
a trivial matter.  The real test is this: At some point
in the future will we collectively look back upon this stage of the
Internet's development and agree that there was something new,
transforming and profound going on with the web?  I happen to
believe so

Chris concludes, my bold:

"The desire to slap a name
onto this renaissance is only human nature... even though nobody can
agree on where we're going or what we're doing or what it is! We're in
the middle of a movement, my friends - let's just enjoy it. Let's just
mold it into whatever it gets molded into. "This" is a
renaissance - and it won't be properly defined until it's well past us.
Stop arguing over what it is and what it's not - just get on with
creating things, sharing information, and generally trying to make this
world a better place."

Amen! (I say in a non-relgious, non-mantarish way).


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