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"In this keynote address from Accelerating Change 2005, Vernor Vinge discusses the potential for a "technological singularity" - the event at which the creation of artificial superhuman intelligence changes the world so dramatically that it is impossible to imagine the world after that point. He explains that the singularity is not a given, nor is it necessarily a positive event. Many factors could arise that prevent the singularity from occurring and there is a potential for it to be a catastrophic event rather than a positive revolution."

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  1. Alex – you hit upon a favorite subject of mine 🙂

    But, you can’t talk about the Singularity today without mentioning Ray Kurzweil 🙂

    Pour yourself a large cup of coffee, pull up your chair, and dive into the essays on Ray’s site. Simply fascinating ideas – and to some – very shocking concepts.

    He also ‘just’ release a book on these ideas:

    It’s completely fascinating material to read. Even Ray himself is quite impressive – I’d love to spend an afternoon talking with the man.

    What’s interesting about the proposed Singularity, is that it’s arrival correlates with other theories, like those which focus on 2012, or Terrence McKenna’s Timewave theory.

    I’ll leave with one of the key points of the Singularity so most readers will get a quick jist…

    We are on an exponential growth curve, where significant advancements in tech and society are happening more frequently. Looking back down the curve, we can see far fewer events which dramatically changed the world. Now look forward, and those events start happening more frequently. Look even further down the curve, and the time frame between significant events becomes shorter to the point where it becomes nearly impossible to track such events.

    The Singularity is just beyond that point.

    The question is, can we get along well enough to make it to that point?

    The fun question, is, "what will life be like after the singularity?"

    have a good one 🙂

    – Gideon Marken

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