GANs – Global Area Networks

You've heard of LANs, (Local Area Networks) and you've probably heard of WANs (Wide Area Networks).

But have you heard of GANs (Global Area Networks)? You have now, and they're coming our way..


"Telecom giant Inmarsat is weeks away from launching the second in a series of two super-satellites -- designed to be among the most powerful commercial communications spacecraft in orbit -- that will beam broadband data and voice services to almost any location on the planet.

The I-4 satellites will serve as switchboards in the sky for Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network, or BGAN, service, scheduled for rollout in 2006. Instead of cruising for a Starbucks, BGAN subscribers can hit the road with a portable terminal as small as their laptop computer and surf the web -- or connect with the office LAN -- at broadband speeds of up to 492 Kbps.

"The network will cover 88 percent of the globe's landmass," said Chris McLaughlin, vice president of corporate communications for Inmarsat in London."

'cover 88 percent of the globe's landmass' ???  Wow.

One small step for man, one giant leap towards Vint Cerf's network for our solar system.

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  1. I have a feeling they’re not going to be short of customers. Can we pre-order?

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    If you’re an Enteprise (large company) you can find a GAN reseller here:

    Doesn’t look like they’ve got an offering for you and me yet.

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