Do a screencast, fly to NYC or Boston or Philadelphia or Washington D.C or…

Thom Robbins:

"Are you a video jockey! Create a screencast starring Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 or Biztalk Server 2006… and you!


I am happy to announce that the East Region Evangelism Team and TechSmith have come together to promote the Launch Tour 2005 with a screencasting contest. To join the funs – and competition – download a free 30 day evaluation of Camtasia Studio. Then record you on onscreen action, your audio, and even your webcam feed.. To show off your rock star personality."


So, 'what is a screencast?' you might ask yourself.  Well, for a start check out these three examples, that Techsmith, developers of .Camtasia Studio, have highlighted. Plenty more to sample at


Even I've created a few screencasts using the same Camtasia software (remember 'Using RSS 101'? Or that old classic, 'Mum, you want to know where I live'?). 

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