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Now I can track where my attention has been (see my last 18 hours below) thanks to a new version of the RSS feed reader I use -  FeedDemon (1.6  RC1), by Nick Bradbury.

I like this. A lot.

Lots potential uses I can think of here. Would be nice to drill down to which the articles I clicked through to (so I can export and collate or publish for example).

Here's my Attention Top Ten (for the last 18 hours)

The file can't be exported (OPML, would be nice Nick?...anything!) so had to take screenshot, however I've added links to the blogs here:

  1. Seattleduck
  2. Planet HCI (bug appears here: the date given in the screenshot at June 17?)
  3. Scripting News
  4. Slashdot
  5. Yahoo MSFT Company News
  6. Groovy Mother
  7. Ellen's Knowledge Blog
  8. GamersCircle
  9. Geek News Central
  10. Gizmodo

There's another sweet feature, 'Post to' which I can see will increase my use of the tagging engine.  I've yet more features to discover. This is turning out to be a very nice release indeed.. There's plenty of feedback already by other users and Nick is listening as usual (great job on this release Nick).

PS: I'm not sure what '# Posts' # represents (I know one feed doesn't have 50 items), but the '# Visits' seems accurate - these are the click-thrus to the post via the RSS feed..

(See more of my OPML, RSS or others' at Technorati: , )

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  1. Glad you like the new FeedDemon, Alex! OPML export would certainly be nice, and in fact this information is already stored in OPML format – take a look at the ‘Subscriptions.opml’ file in the root of FeedDemon’s cache folder.

    #Posts *should* be the number of posts in the cached feed – ie: the number of posts the have ever been retrieved for that feed.

  2. MSDNArchive says:

    Thanks Nick.

    Two thoughts:

    1. It would be helpful to have the attention data as a seperate .opml file. This would save time for manual and programmatic pick and drop (FTP, email, etc).

    2. I don’t think the posts info would be that useful. What would be more useful is to know how many of of the posts that have been retrieved have been viewed (rather than scanned).

    Anyways, thanks for the quick response.


  3. Rod Begbie says:

    I have someone’s attention? I feel so validated!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added OPML export of the reports to the next build of FeedDemon – expect to see this in RC2.

  5. MSDNArchive says:

    Wow, that’s very cool Nick, thanks!!!


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