beta Google RSS feed reader ?

Just seen this referrer from what looks like a beta Google RSS feed reader...!

Not seen or heard of it before...the url is:

Update: here's a pic in case it magically dissapears:

Steve Butler saw the referrer too.

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  1. Cashmore says:

    Google Reader really has nothing on Bloglines. I’m actually fairly surprised that Google has managed to release two average products in a row – first Google Blog Search (full of spam results) and now this. Google is normally such an innovative company – hopefully they’ll get back on track soon.

  2. Jessu says:

    <p>Good to see another rss reader. But as of now it is very slow, and

    generating some errors. Seems the over use of Ajax is the reason.. I

    would like to stick on with FeedFeeds ( which gives

    more flexibility.</p>

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