Peter Jackson to produce Halo movie

Daily Game:

Screen grab from Halo video game

"The film is currently targeted for a Summer 2007 worldwide release.

Although Jackson will not direct the film, Jackson and Walsh will provide creative counsel on all aspects of the film via their WingNut Films banner, and Jackson’s award-winning companies Weta Digital and Weta Workshop will provide creatures, miniatures and visual effects for the production. This is the first time Jackson and Walsh will perform these services on a major studio film that Jackson is not directing.

For the record, the Halo movie will be shot entirely in Wellington, New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was also filmed on-location in New Zealand."

The other bit of news is that Jackson won't be using Photo Story 3, although he did say he was tempted 😉

Via GamersCircleBBC has more. If you're not into movies, there is always Halo Kitty of course.

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