Tommy Williams of the Microsoft WinFS team is cautiously excited:

"I’ve been excited by what I have seen internally, but as much as we hear about Steve Jobs’s reality distortion field, there’s one at least as strong inside the buildings at Microsoft. I’m not immune and so I haven’t trusted my intuition. But I’m starting to believe.

Wonderful stuff is coming in the next couple of years."

I don't think Tommy's excitement is limited only to WinFS work going on (but what they are doing is amazing...I had dinner with John Oberon a group pm on the WinFS team. Let's say 'he blew my mind').  

I'm focused on and passionate about the web (marketing, technology and business). Yes, I'm 'interested' in the less web-centric stuff Microsoft is doing (the lines are continuously blurring...), but specifically relating to Microsoft and the web, I'm with Tommy on this.

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  1. TommyW says:

    I was specifically referring to the Office 12 stuff in this case. With WinFS, I’m so aware of "how the sausage is made" that in some ways it’s even harder to be excited about the future for WinFS.

    But there are some marvelous things that will be possible with WinFS in the future, too. 🙂

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