Xbox 360 bundles back in stock at Costco (US)

(Update: 2 Oct 2005: Steve just pointed out the Costco offer is now closed.)

 Happy days. Just ordered my Xbox 360 (a belated birthday present) at
Costco. 🙂

Bundle includes:

  • Xbox 360 Game Console
    • Wireless Controller
    • Combination High-Definition Component and Standard A/V Cable
    • 20GB Detachable Hard Drive
    • Ethernet Cable
    • Headset
    • Xbox Live Silver
    • Xbox Live Gold 30-Day Trial
  • Extra Wireless Controller
  • Play & Charge Kit
  • Games: Project Gotham Racing 3 (I'll sell this, have already)

product image

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  1. mthree says:

    I don’t know if this is comparable, but I found that RitzCamera is taking orders for the Xbox 360 starting at $349.98, and the deluxe system for $419 + shipping.

  2. Stephbu says:

    Went out of stock pretty quick – all good for the stock price at least 🙂 Still wondering if there will be an internal MS offer for employees.

  3. Bob T says:

    Yeah but RitzCamera is making you buy four games to guarantee shipment…

    "I preordered from Ritzcamera the $419.00 system and they emailed me and said,"In order to guarantee product allocation for your order, we have received word that Microsoft is requiring all Xbox console units be sold with a minimum of 4 games to each console ordered."

    Is this true? Can they do this? I’m kinda pushing the limits of my budget just spending the almost $450 for this and can’t really afford to buy 4 games. I planned on asking "Santa" for a couple of games. Oh well, I’m thinking of just canceling and waiting for the PS3. Screw Bill Gates.

  4. Bob says:

    ritz camera is a scam website. They sell cheap cameras and other electronics equipment, and then call you and badger you to purchase accessories, and tell you that the battery isn’t included, and charge extra for crap like that.

    Its not Bill Gates, its a scam website. Go look up their reseller ratings online.

  5. Vik Patel says:

    Hi got my Costco Premium bundle yesterday and it came with Kameo instead of Project Gotham Racing. You can see where they cut the plastic molding of the bundle and replaced the game. Did this happen to anyone else?

  6. MSDNArchive says:

    bah! still waiting for mine.

  7. Genoint says:

    i just picked up an XBOX 360 today at Costco, they recived 90 units and have 40 left, Port Chester, NY

  8. Oren S says:

    I just ordered mine online and it shipped… if anybody is still looking for them they are springing up all over the place, just check:

    to see which places have them…

  9. Queonda says:

    2 bundles are at costco NOW!!! 2/24/06 2pm PST

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