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Friday night, waiting for flight from Seattle airport - on my way to London.

Been a manic, manic week, but all good. Got round to my RSS reader
just now (actually experienced RSS withdrawal symptoms the last 36 hours).

Felt a like a little chilled surfing right now...Three Minds points to Leo Burnett's site in Canada.  I like the site for its UI-novelty value, it is fun - a bit of flashturbation
if you've got the time...But if I was someone simply
trying get their phone number from their website (it must happen, right?) I think they might farily describe the site as a first-class example of a crap site - Mystery Meat Navigation at its worse.  Get creative, fine. But be usable, please!!

Update: 25 Sept 2005: Mr Mystery Meat Navigation himself, Vincent Flanders tends to agree, not suprisingly:

"Of course, there's no HTML version of the today's site using cascading
stylesheets and javascript because it was designed by people like the
guy to the left. There's no reason for this design because it's meant
to impress the uninformed, but this isn't some third-tier firm --
they're important and if you don't know who they are, why are you even
visiting the site?"

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  1. codputer says:

    I hear ya – nice to visit – once! Cool graphics, but did I go to buy anything – nope! Would I recommend anyone to buy anything – nope.

  2. Stevos says:

    Less click more Flash

    On first viewing I think cool site but after 5 mins it just annoying – the future of usability…. NOT!

  3. mr foo bar says:

    codputer – you probably couldn’t afford buy anything from LB.. wake up. Besides, it’s not websites they sell but creative advertising work.

    Like someone in advertising once said… If you really need to call them you got the number already.

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