RSS. Outlook. Integrated.

Jupiter's Michael Gartnerberg:

"RSS support in Office is nice. Not only does the system track RSS via
subscriptions in IE 7 (and has an RSS gadget built into the new Vista
Sidebar) but Office supports RSS as well. Outlook finally adds
integrated RSS support (which is my preferred way to read RSS). In
general, it looks like RSS aggregators are indeed a commodity."

Via Robert 'Linkmachine' Scoble.

Update 13 Sept 05:

Comments (4)

  1. I hope there also planning RSS in Outlook Express or its replacement. My test of easy of use (including install, etc) and if I could get my wife to use it.

    If it was in Express, I recon I could show her Blogs she might be interested in. If she has to open a new program, she wouldn’t be interested.



  2. Vivek Metta at Bhilai says:

    I believe a plugin by Microsoft for RSS feeds in Outlook Express (6.x) will be very beneficial to users at large. 3rd party plugins are not much effective.

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