Oracle to buy Siebel

First I hear eBay has confrimed it is to buy Skype for 2.6bn.  That's enough news for one day.

Then I read that Oracle will buy Siebel for 5.85bn.

Quick comparison of the 2 acquisitions today:

Skype:       2 years
old.       Revenues for 2005:
64m.       56m
users.        Bought for 2.6bn.

Siebel:       12 years
old.      Revenues for 2005:
392m.     3.2m users.     
Bought for 5.8bn.

Now, things come in threes...

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  1. Travis Owens says:

    By crunching the numbers alone, it sure seems like Oracle is getting a better deal.

    For twice the price they are getting 5x more revenue and a company that’s well seated.

    Personally, I highly question the end result of purchasing another company in order to enter a market that your current company has no exp in. I’d be hard pressed to see it as a profitable move in the long run unless I saw some good hard finacial figures 5yrs later.

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